ZOWIE is a brand dedicated to the development of professional eSports, under BenQ. It was founded in 2008 to provide a series of professional e-Sports monitors and gear to allow for the best eSports experience. ZOWIE is made up of tried and true gamers, many of whom have been decorated CS:GO professional players, having developed their career around the game and enthusiast fans. At ZOWIE, our love for gaming guides every decision we make as a team and brand.

Now, ZOWIE is arguably one of the leading e-Sports peripheral manufacturers in the world.

“When you take your gaming seriously, performance matters and seeing and hearing everything with pinpoint precision can prove decisive. And when you compete at this level, audio specialist Sennheiser gives you that edge.

Founded in 1945, Sennheiser is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of headphones, microphones and wireless transmission systems. Shaping the future of audio and creating unique sound experiences for customers – this aim unites Sennheiser employees and partners worldwide. And we’re proud to be partners with Clix Gaming!”

Why Sponsor Us?

With a gaming revenue that has reached 878 million US dollars in 2018, Saudi Arabia is the top leading gaming market among the Arab countries. CliX gives you the access to promote your business among all those gamers by sponsoring one or more of our tournaments or gaming activities while you get:

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