Our Arena

Yes, we have it all..


Strong connection, best gear and enthusiastic atmosphere. We know what it takes to have the optimum gaming experience, and we have it all.

200 PCs

We do not call them PCs,
We call them monsters

enormous space

Imagine it as an open-world map 

tournament stage

Fully-equipped tournament stage with the latest high-end gaming gear.

We are gamers, we feel you, we know your needs.

Mana cafe

Regenrate your mana with a selected menu of specialized drinks and coffee.. made to heal you for the next round

Where heroes and gamers meet to mana up and heal

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We’re here to help.

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KEY Features & Capabilities

We will empower your gaming experience.

Live Streaming
Tournament Stage
Mana Cafe
240HZ Monitors
Gaming Amplifier
High Speed Internet
Gaming Headsets
High-end Gaming GPU
High-End Gaming CPU

Terms and conditions

All offers are available at all times except during rush hours. For safety purposes and to give everyone a chance to play we apply regular prices during rush hours.

Late night offer expires automatically after 12 hours from purchase time or until 4 pm, any remaining hours will be expired.

Any remaining hours will be saved automatically on your account and has a validity of 6 months from purchase date.

All offers and prices are subject to change without prior notice.
Please note that the health and safety of our employees and gamers is our top priority with the ongoing situation of COVID-19.

Upon arriving, you will be asked to show your Tawklna status, wear a mask, and check your temperature.

All PC stations will be sanitized prior seating

We encourage you to clean and sanitize your hands before and after playing, keep your mask on, and follow safety restrictions at all time.

Please stay up to date through our website and social media accounts, for updated information.